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astraia hellas offers automation of care and supports research for women and fetus health. We provide installation, customization, training and support services for astraia software. astraia hellas is a re-seller of astraia software GmbH, now NEXUS/ASTRAIA GmbH.

Professor Kypros Nicolaides’ clinical and scientific work in Obstetrics led to a new discipline: Fetal Medicine. He was supported by a team of young and enthusiastic Gynaecologists and Obstetricians, among them many Greek doctors. To standardize clinical diagnostics and clinical studies he designed a workflow and guidelines which became known and widely used as Fetal Database. This database has been used by him in a multicentre study to prove the relation between Nuchal Fold thickness and risk of Trisomy 21 in early pregnancy.

Professor Nicolaides donated the right to program and distribute the Fetal Database to two software companies. One of these companies, astraia software gmbh, soon after released a Greek language version, because of the overwhelming response of Greek Obstetricians.

In 2002 Olga Sereti –  medical software consultant – and her team at the time, helped introduce astraia in Greece and Cyprus, customize it for the doctors’ needs, train and support them, thus building strong relationships with the emerging Fetal Medicine community. The close cooperation with astraia software also helped her gain expertise and experience from other European sites.

In 2011, together with Roland Denk, founder and managing director of astraia software at the time, created astraia hellas a re-seller of astraia products and services in Greece and Cyprus. In the past years, the number of customers in Greece and their requirements grew and it therefore became obvious that only a dedicated company would be able to meet their needs. The relations to astraia software intensified and the astraia database significantly improved thanks to increased suggestions from our customers. We continued to build up a very close relationship to our customers on the basis of mutual trust and understanding.


For 20 years now we attended all major congresses and exhibitions concerning Fetal Medicine. During these events we had the chance meeting with customers and international scientists. We are very grateful for the opportunity to learn from them how to improve our services and the astraia products and also get informed about the medical developments.

astraia hellas is proud to have gained over the years, the reputation as a reliable partner for providing excellent products, customer service and immediate response.

We are looking forward to continuing and enhancing our cooperations and providing our services, updated and new products to our customers.

Please contact us to discuss your questions and give us your comments, suggestions and critics.

Below you can find a selection of some of our 300 sites in Greece and Cyprus, which include leading University Clinics, Private Hospitals, Specialized Fetal Medicine Centers as well as a number of Obstetrics and Gynecology private offices.

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